Friday, 16 March 2012

Neopets Newbie Guide

So you’ve created an account on Neopets!
Firstly, create 4 neopets, and get 50 neopoints free with each one.

Then get a bank account – make a bank account and get 30 neopoints free, plus daily interest.
Get a newbie pack – in your inventory you store your items, and as a newbie you get a few free items to start off with.
Make a shop – when you have a shop you earn lots of money by selling items that you have either gotten free, bought or traded.
Play lots of games (using my fantastic cheats of course!), and earn enough money to buy stuff for cheap, then sell it in your own shop for more neopoints. Then put everything from your shop till into your banck account. The more money that is in there, the more interest you get. Don’t forget to claim your interest every day!
Then you can do all the free stuff like fruit machine, coltzan’s shrine, giant omelette, and so on.
Just keep on coming back here for hints, cheats and help and soon enough become a neopian millionaire!

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